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Workout to achieve flat stomach?

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    There's a saying: abs are made in the fridge, not in the gym... If you want a flat stomach, or your abs to show, then you need to get your body fat percentage around the 10% mark (15% mark for girls). This can only be achieved through a sustainable diet.

    Try these few simple principles, and stay clear of fad and crash diets:

    There are a number of workouts that target your abs, but because you cannot spot reduce fat (you cannot target a particular area of the body for fat reduction ; when you lose fat, you lose it all over), unless you do these in conjunction with a calories deficit diet, you will grow strong abs, but they will be hidden beneath a layer of fat. That said, working your abs will definitely help you add definition once you get there. Try this workout, it's excellent, and it will work your core like there's no tomorrow:

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