Mouse will not show up in games?

This problem has been going on since I got my Pavilion dv6 which runs on Windows 7. NONE of my games will show the cursor, and some will not even light up when my invisible cursor is over an option. I really have no idea why my laptop does this. For some reason it works okay on these games from early 2000, but anything new and specifically made for Windows 7 has caused many issues. My Sims 3 kept crashing, so I was forced to uninstall. In Sid Meier's Civilization V, there is not even an image displayed on my monitor. Fable 3 and Spore have no cursor. Please help, I've contacted so many people about this and nothing is working.

I have Radeon graphics and my laptop is an Entertainment series, and that's about all I know. I have no clue how to find any information on what model it is. For some reason the Radeon graphics installer said my graphics adapter is not supported

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    7 years ago
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    I think its your graphcs card that has a problem, you don't allocate that much ram and processing power to your game, and maybe its your screen resolution

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