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17 year old dating 13 year old?

Ok i understand theres alot about this but mines a little bit different (warning long and confusing)

I'm a guy thats currently 17 and just started dating a 13yr old I understand most people are gonna say the common whys and gross and whatever but its complicated. I'm also turning 18 soon...

we havent had sex with each other yet and suprisinly i dont think about it with her at all.

i just really enjoy talking to her.

Neither of us think that age matters but ive been looking at the law and it kinda does.

I'm a pretty shy guy and not really to talkative to anyone exspecially to girls im not afraid of them i just feel i have nothing in common and i just get nervous instead of having a weird no body talking conversation i just try to get around the whole situation then i met this girl.

Yes shes 13 but for some reason i connect with her i talk to her almost 3h a day and text her all day and our phone calls feel like 5min and as soon as the call is over i wish i was still talking to her.

I was perfectly fine with just being friends with her until she started dating a diff guy and then i got really jealous and she stopped talking to me almost instantly. But when she broke up with him it went back to the old ways and she kinda kept hinting to she wanted to go out with me and it got to the point where she was almost begging me until i just gave in so i didnt lose her

now im starting to get scared im almost 18 and she recentally moved to north carolina (i live in NewYork) i dont want to loose her i plan to go visit her for xmas and thanksgivings but as of recentally she has started talking about sex and drinking, and i clearly explained to her your 13 your not ready and she kinda just ignores what i said and keeps on the same thing.

To kinda sum it up im shy and i almost feel as she completes me im 17 and shes 13 and i turn 18 b4 she turns 14 we current live about 12h drive from each other and i care about her more than i care about sex, im sure i could wait for her but seems she wants to do it. i know i have a long life ahead of me but my shyness kinda makes me unsocial and its nice to talk to some1 all the time what should i do??

another big thing is i dont want to loose the friendship she brings me and the joy into my life so get away asap is not really a viable option for me best answer for some1 who shows they took the time to answer even if negative but heres the law about it

A person age 18 or older cannot have sex with a person under 13 years old under any circumstance. However, if the child is at least 13 and younger than 15, and if the adult is less than four years older than the child at the time of the sexual conduct, then that would release the adult defendant of criminal responsibility. Because this is an affirmative defense, the defendant, who usually carries no burden of proof at trial, has the burden of proving the age difference beyond a preponderance of the evidence (which is far less than the prosecution's burden of proving its case beyond a reasonable doubt.) For example, if a 14-and-a-half-year-old girl agrees to have sex with a boy on his eighteenth birthday, the 18-year-old would have an affirmative defense of being less than four years older than the victim.

Further, a 17-year-old would not be guilty of rape of a 12-year-old if the younger child agreed to the act. The 17-year-old might be guilty of a misdemeanor sexual offense, however.

But if a 17-year-old turns 18 before his or her partner turns 14, then as of the older child's eighteenth birthday, the sexual relations would be considered rape. This can be very disconcerting to the children and parents. It presents a scenario where sexual behavior that was legal on one day is be completely illegal the next.



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    i think it's too risky

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    Dating is authorized, with intercourse I think with underneath 18 the age is solely no one sixteen+ can also be with someone beneath 13. So, I believe thirteen and 17 is legal. Additionally to all the men and women saying it's "gross" they don't know the situation in order that they fairly are not able to say that.

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    Whoever says it's gross is just immature, but just make sure it's legal.

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    yea dude no

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