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please help to find out the truth 2012?

hello my name is Nick and i live in Moscow and i need help i didnt belive the whole apocalypse thing until october 9 there was a little earthquake i jumped off my bed and went outside then i looked at the sky and the sun was strange it was brighter than i ever seen i was terrified....after that i did some research and i find out that sun now is at its solar maximum and the huge solar flare is coming....thats one of the theories people please tell me can something actually happen?im going insane i cant sleep im getting paranoid please help and im sorry for my grammar


YES i know that solar maximum cycle is every 11 years but this time something has changed im not an idiot i just want to know whats going on

Update 2:

thanks mate i guess its just all in my head

Update 3:

i never believed news or internet talking about doomsday i said i was scared of earthquake and bright sun wich made me think that apocalypse was near thats because wasn't educated in this kind of stuff....i never knew about solar maximums etc and i am going to change that it may sound funny but im glad for that earthquake otherwise i may never know about solar system universe and planets as much as i know now ....and im going to keep improving my self on this subject thank you everybody

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    >>i find out that sun now is at its solar maximum <<

    Yeah like it is every 11 years. Did the world end 11, 22 or 33 years ago?

    And there are earthquakes EVERYDAY OF EVERY YEAR.

    >>people please tell me can something actually happen?<<

    There is no threat to the earth for the foreseeable future.


    The leap year thing is bollocks. Both our calendar and the Mayan calendar are DAY COUNT calendars. You only need to account for leap years to convert from one to another.

    Also the mayans made no such prediction at all.

    >>but this time something has changed<<

    Nothing has changed. Except this maximum is going to be LOWER than normal. The sun being "brighter" is atmospherics. Or do you think all the sun monitoring equipment and the scientists who monitor the sun didn't notice?

    >>t i just want to know whats going on<<

    I already told you - nothing. If you cant be bothered to listen that's not my problem.

    Oh and here is an earthquake tracker. As you can see there are always earthquakes happening every day.

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    Dude... DO NOT be scared! The whole 2012 thing is just a fluke. They only PREDICTED it, because the Mayan calendar is coming to an end... which is on Dec 21. If it stops, then it starts back again!

    You said that the sun was brighter than it usually is because it's at its solar maximum and the "huge solar flare is coming".... a T-H-E-O-R-Y. So what? So what the solar flare is coming??? We are MILES away from the sun, almost impossible to reach us (the whole thing), until the next...what... 3 billion years?

    Earthquakes... these happen ALL THE TIME. No need to be scared, I mean, like I said, they predicted the apocalypse would come about on the 21st, and I cannot see at all how a calendar can cause an earthquake. Have you ever seen a calendar do that???

    Anyway, it is not true. (btw, the Internet is FULL of lies)

    Source(s): common sense and my History book (for the mayan calendar part :)
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    Earthquakes happen everywhere around the world near fault lines. They were happening thousands of years before humans. The only difference that we have is internet and television. Because of that we know about ALL the disasters around the world within minutes. If we didn't knew about them, we wouldn't even bother helping the people who suffered form them. My point is that nobody paid any attention about that until some lunatic said that it is a sings of end of the world. There have always been earthquakes ( and other natural disasters) and it will always be, regardless of our existence.

    Solar flares happen all the time. Even if it is not a solar maximum, there will still be solar flares. But you don't need to worry about them. If you didn't know, last week earth got hit twice by solar flares. I guess you didn't noticed them, huh? Besides, no one can predict a solar flare happening. If you see it happen, then it is already too late to do something. So why worry about something that you can't do anything about?

    Source(s): Hope that helps.
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    <QUOTE>a little earthquake</QUOTE>

    There are dozens of earthquakes happening every day somewhere on Earth. And this has nothing to do with 2012.

    <QUOTE>thanks mate i guess its just all in my head</QUOTE>

    We can try to oppose every possible objection you come up with to justify your scare, but nothing will work better than your first hand experience when December 21st comes and you realize -- nothing is happening. That's because when people convince themselves of something, they'll only look at the things that justify their belief and ignore everything else; this is known as cherrypicking. The fortunate people will, at some point, stop themselves and realize they're going the wrong way; but those are few and far between.

    So when 2013 comes, I hope you'll learn your lesson and commit yourself to learn a little bit more science other than just superficial "research" tailored to pick only the things that justify your fears. You can use this opportunity to solidify your scientific literacy (which is more than learning facts and figures -- it's about knowing how to ask the correct questions) so that you don't become a victim of the next apocalypse scares (trust me, there will be more apocalypse dates, because gullibility and ignorance are renewable resources). Or you can continue to be another one of the ignorant masses waiting to be fooled by the next con and to be scared at an unfamiliar natural world which you only (wrongly) perceive from television.

    Source(s): Here's a little treat:
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    8 years ago

    Nick. You are the victim of a HOAX. Do you know what a HOAX is?

    All of these Doomsday stories are a FAKE, HOAX, SCAM.

    Nothing is going to happen.

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    THe end of the world is not coming this year. The mayan calander that predicts the end was created before the invention of the leap year, and if all the days that were missed due to the leap days, the world would have ended 400 years ago

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