Uh..did my water just break?

First of all, i'm logged into my husbands so please dont be weirded out that the name on this question is Paul lol...

So I'm 38 weeks and a super weird thing just happened. Last pregnancy when my water broke it felt like i had to pee then once i stood up... it was still coming out. Well this morning I was laying on my side and felt/heard a pop in my uterus... weird feeling. Then it felt like fluid was coming out so i went pee and got up.. no gushing or fluid running down my leg. I am just sitting down now and noticing there is a little teeeny trickle like increased discharge... and my baby is moving around like crazy which is really weird for this time of day. Has anyone had an experience like this? Did it end up being that your water broke?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Your water breaking doesn't have to be a big, obvious gush. It can be a slow, intermittent trickle. You need to call your doctor and get into the clinic or hospital this morning to have a swab test to see if it really is your amniotic fluid. If it is, you could go into labor on your own within a few hours, if not, they will want to induce you, because the longer you go being ruptured, the greater the risk for infection. They would prefer to have you deliver within 24 hours of it breaking.

    Source(s): RN, OB, L&D
  • 7 years ago

    hi, id call the doctor just to check, sounds like ur waters did break? gud luck

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