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What to do with this fantasy football trade offer?

My roster= Brady, Rivers, AJ Green, J. Cook, A. Bradshaw, R. Wayne, Nixon, V. Ballard, B. Tate, S. Rice, Daryl Richardson, Donnie Avery, Greg Jennings, Cedric Benson. His roster= Romo, Flacco, Ridley, L. Fitzgerald, Olsen, Gonzo, Dez Bryant , Mike Williams, A. Boldin, D. Murray, D. Thomas, Jake Locker, Alex Green, Hardesty. He has offered to me Flacco, Boldin, and Gonzo for my Rivers, Cook, Jennings. Now I am no expert or rookie but this offer is lopsided, so my question is what would be a great counter offer if any or should I reject it without hestitaton. Thank you guys and gals.

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    No rivers will get better compared to flacco & boldin who has been playing bad lately go gonzalez/Williams for Cook/Jennings that would be a better deal for you in my opinion

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    working backs deliver jointly greater factors over the season than WR's do. Boldin is great in concept, yet shall we see how he does on a working team after a set of injuries. i might take Peterson in a flash and Edwards, whilst a jets receiver, is a great guy that would bypass get the ball and if sanchez improves this twelve months, somebody has to seize the ball. Take the commerce. you will need 2 bout it RB's. WR's could be chanced on a million/2 way interior the path of the twelve months too like clockwork.

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    I would take that offer. You're getting Gonzo as your TE and he's coming off a bye week so you're set at that position. You have Brady so there's no point in carrying two qbs. You can counter and try to get on of his rbs.

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