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Tell me some best holocaust movies ;(?

Let me mention i have seen

the schindler's list

the pianist

the boy in the stripped pyjamas

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    there is no movie on Hiroshima and nagasaki . The Jewish Holocaust or holocaust by Jews was by led Jew Leo Szilard, Jew Eugene Wigner, Jew Niels Bohr, and Jew Albert Einstein the ‘fathers’ of the nuclear Bomb, Jewish financier Bernard Baruch, secret director of ‘Manhattan Project’ and head of the Jewish high council in Manhattan, and Jew J. Robert Oppenheimer, scientific director, ‘Manhattan Project’ who led the research team that produced the first nuclear bombs and Jew Lipman Siew @ William Leonard Laurence who led the only actual use of nuclear weapons against humans which may have burnt alive estimated 10 million babies, children, girls, women and old men - all civilians when it dropped atomic bombs on two major cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th August 1945 having estimated population of 10 million each.

    The Manhattan project was sanctioned by FDR and executed by Truman both members of Jewish secret society "Freemasons" whose members take oath every month to repossess Jerusalem from Muslims.

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    Sophie's Choice (1982)

    Kapò (1960)

    Train of Life (1998)

    Fateless (2005)

    The Grey Zone (2001)

    Europa Europa (1990)

    Amen. (2002)

    Landscape After Battle (1970)

    Defiance (2008)

    The Island on Bird Street (1997)

    Sunshine (1999)

    Edges of the Lord (2001)

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    Life is Beautiful

    Playing for Time

    Escape from Sobibor

    The Diary of Anne Frank

    The Island on Bird Street

    Edges of the Lord

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    Escape From Sobibor

    Sophie's Choice

    Judgment At Nuremberg

    the above are good, but the best ones are documentaries, mostly done by the BBC. Such as Auschwitz: The Nazis and the 'Final Solution' etc. Some of the viewing is very gruesome, but most people should watch it. Never forget.

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    The Holocaust Mini Series


    Uprising(My favorite)

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    Better off watching a few documentaries....

    BBC's "Auschwitz: The Nazis & the 'Final Solution" (by a country mile, the best doc on the holocaust, if this does not make you cry you are inhuman)

    ITV's 'World at War', (one of the episodes covers the holocaust)

    BBC's "The Nazis - A Warning From History "

    Source(s): Seen all of them.....
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