What is so sad about this episode of adventure time?

i remeber you adventure time

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    8 years ago
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    Throughout Adventure Time's run, we've had glimpses to what happened to make the world full of such odd creatures.

    Sometime in Marcelline's childhood, there was a war that caused the near destruction of the planet. There are a few times when you can see a picture of the Earth that Finn and Jake live on, there is a huge crater in it, visible from space. This is why Finn and Jake find so much random junk lying around. The war was likely nuclear and is probably responsible for the various types of beings in Ooo, like candy people.

    In Holly Jolly Secrets, we see Ice King before he was Ice King. He was human. The videos were first recorded before the war, you can see a normal city in his window. The crown he found made him crazy. He did something very bad to his fiance and she left him. It's probably why he's so fixated on PB now. While the crown made him crazy, it also made him immortal or near immortal. Sacrificing his sanity was the only way he could survive.

    And Marcelline had to watch that. Her dad wasn't there, she was alone, and she had to watch her companion slowly slip away from sanity.

    That's why it's sad. It's sad because we know what happened, Marcelline knows what happened, and Ice King can't remember.

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    You have to be an avid watcher of Adventure Time to think this is sad. And it's sad mostly because it shows the history of AT before all the weird stuff like magic dogs and ice powers and flying unicorns. I suppose it's not really as sad as it is confusing, because true watchers of the show aren't exactly sure of what happened, but all they know is that it's depressing.

    Source(s): I watch it a lot.
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    I don't know.

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