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info on medical marijuana help?

i'm doing this HUGE project for school about marijuana. some of it will be about medical marijuana. can somebody please tell me or send me a link to a page that will tell me everything about it?

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    There are many medical marijuana uses for individuals in need, and society as a whole. To start, lets focus on the individual. Why would a person want to use medical marijuana?

    legal medical marijuana california

    The health benefits of marijuana are undeniable. Marijuana alleviates pain, and certian, disabilites illnesses and diseases.

    In California, a broad range of illnesses, disabilities, and diseases were approved to use medical marijuana as a treatment for therapy, and medication.

    California has approved medical marijuana to effectively treat symptoms associated with cancer, muscle spasms associated with Multiple Schlerosis, chronic pain, symptoms associated with HIV and AIDS, Anorexia, migraine, headache, Glacucoma, persistent epileptic seasures, nausea, Cachexia, and other reoccuring medical.

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    the first 100 web pages you search will all have similar info. Just read as much as you can then write your project in your own words.

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