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Is CBD in all types of Marijuana strains?

So CBD has an antisychotic effect against the THC in pot. What if CBD was not present; is that possible?

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    Until now, it hasn’t been possible to get CBD from smoking marijuana without the simultaneous and possibly counterproductive exposure to THC. The new plant could change that — and perhaps shift the medical marijuana debate as well. While THC will remain essential for some medical marijuana patients — to increase appetite, for example — the non-impairing version of marijuana with CBD could help many others, without inducing the pleasure-producing properties that cause so much unending controversy.

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    Most of the MMJ industry has been geared towards increasing THC content at all costs. Those costs were the reduction in the production of all other cannabinoids. Even genetic manipulation, producing polyploidal hybrids (similar to seedless watermelon) has been utilized to make the 'kush' much more potent.

    And example of some GSC that I saw analyzed: 29.17%THC:0.4%CBD. It is now possible to get CBD rich products online shipped to you. A couple of sources are listed below:

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    It usually is present, at least in small amounts. However some sativa weed strains can have very little CBD and mostly just THC(the chemical that causes most of the high).

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    First of all nameing a strain of bud shouldn't be very intelligent when you consider that there's no option to gurantee that the bud is virtually that bud. I coudl get some persistent from at any place and speak to it something i would like and it wont topic. Pink KUSH stress just isn't definitely pink KUSH any longer it is just WHAT stupid men and women name ANY red POT THEY purchase. Identify OF THE POT DOESNT matter ITS how it SMELLS/looks/AND THE high YOU suppose THAT subject SO no matter what YOU SAY ABOUT IT. THE title DOES no longer MAKE IT higher. Except YOU live IN AMSTERDAM where THE THC content material IS LISTED ON THE BAG AND strains ARE VERY TIGHTLY MONITORD. And it's proper thc is just not the one energetic ingredient is pot however it's the MOST active. FUTHERMORE this is not A STATMENT website this is a web page TO ASK QUESTIONS

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