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Okay im getting caramel highlights in my dark brown hair, and I need to know if I should get partial highlights? Does that go from the root to the tip? Or what does it look like? Would it look weird?

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    partial highlights typically mean that the highlights will be on the top half of your head. usually they do this by sectioning off the hair right above your ears and adding highlights all throughout that section. Partil does go from the root to the tip, the only difference is that it that you do not have highlights underneath your hair. I would say that it should look okay! it all depends on how dramatic you want the look to be. If you want it to look as if you went "lighter" all around, then you would be better off doing a full highlight... but if you want the "highlighted" look, then do a partial.

    Hope that helped & you like the outcome! :D

    Source(s): work at a higher end salon!
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