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Help needed from vampire movie experts?

I need help with a movie name... I have watched a vampire movie, when I was about 8 or 9 yrs old, can't remember honestly,in the 90's.. In that movie the vampire used to wear a Cross as an earring on one ear only. He used to wear leather jacket and had long hair. And he used to chaise a lady (who ends up killing him. he wanted to turn her into vampire to be his for eva. I even remember a scene where he kisses her against her well. Plzzz help help :')

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    Uhhhhh, it sounds like that Disney movie! "Moms got a date with a vampire"!!!

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    you know that i search too for the same movie i was searchin about it for over 4 years and i find it today i dont know if u still log in here or what but anyway the movie called midnight kiss 1993 youtube the name for a trailer u will find it

    tell me if its the same movie u were searchin of

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