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how to get rid of rats without killing them?

Okay so we have a rat problem, they have infested our attic and me and my mom are super animal lovers and i hate anything to be killed if i find a fly in my house i catch with my hands and put it outside and my dad not so much. Hes ready to put down poison and snap-traps and i cant stand the thought of that and i have three pet rats and i love them to death so that makes me want to kill the ones in our attic even less and ive read that if you get them out with humane traps than more will just move in and weve tried to get those things that have like a high pitched buzzing sound and they dont work the little guys are still up there.. and when i think it has gotten worse in the last couple months because when we opened the attic door and tons of rat droppings fell all over the floor we didn't tell my dad because we know he will put down poison if he finds out so please help!!!! so can anyone tell me a humane way to get them out and keep them out and keep them out? Thanks!

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    You would need to use a small Hav-a-heart type traps and release them many miles away in the woods as you catch them. They love peanut butter and chicken so those are good baits. It may take a while to get them all, but I caught 4 in one day once and when I was done, I never saw them again.

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    I anticipate that extra beneficial than one rat is ingesting your chicken foodstuff. you could set a stay-seize to seize the rat and take it a pair of miles away so it won't come returned. yet yet another rat will come to interchange it. regardless of in case you kill the rat, or rats, extra rats will come. I fairly do no longer advise poison, with the aid of fact a cat or owl or dogs ought to consume the poisoned rat and die too. the main humane lifeless-seize that i comprehend is the rat zapper, a battery operated device that electrocutes the rat straight away. the only thank you to maintain rats away is to make it impossible to get into or under the chicken living house. on the ironmongery shop, you ought to purchase some show screen mesh that rats can not get by. they won't gnaw for the time of the twine, yet while they are in a position to dig under or around it, they at last will. so which you will desire to save an eye fixed on the subject of your barrier.

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