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I know that Russia has less population than the USA?Does that mean that Russians can't defeat USA?

I don't ask about the weapons for each of those two.I want an answer only to the subject that i asked (only for the population).

To sum up,i want to ask if the population of a country is so important in a war

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    No it does not meant that at all...US had a bigger army than Canada in 1812 and Canada still beat them. It all comes down to training...Most Russian men have some kind of Military training..US has a lot of weapons its true but very few use their brains, while in Russia they have a lot military weapons and they use their brains, so US would loose. The same way US has lost in Afghanistan, no matter what weapons you bring to a war, if you do not have leaders that think and strategies properly then you will never win...

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    people don't win wars, technology... the united states military budget is $692 BILLION and russia's is $52 BILLION... from that prospective the us would win, nukes wouldn't matter because back in 2010 russia dropped their nuke's down to 1500, along with the us in a treaty... in the sum, the us would win... but in my opinion, russia will be the us's long term ally, i read this interesting article written by a russian politician that said communist china will go for a land lust in the next twenty years and russia will form an alliance with the us and nato to stop the chineses

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    Modern armies require a massive amount of resources..i.e. $$$, manpower, equipment, supplies, fuel, food, munitions...etc, etc

    All of those resources come from the people of the respective nations. Obviously a smaller population provides less resources.

    @E...and vice verse

    And in an all out war that would be Russia's only alternative except defeat.

    @Mark...see you have learned nothing in CAP

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    8 years ago

    population does not matter

    do you think 100,000 soldiers could go up against an air strike or navy ship?

    usa would win russia, if there were no nukes. better air and sea

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    ''No, that is not the case''!!! The case is that if it ever comes to the Russians having war against the Americans, the Russians' Military is not as strong as the Americans and then go back to W.W.II; of course a Country's population and that of their Allies ''ALLIES against the AXIS'' is important in a war!!!!!

    Source(s): ''Military Protocol Knowledge''!!!
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    Civilian population has no effect whatsoever on the outcome of war.

    Source(s): U.S. Air Force Cadet U.S. Air Force Auxiliarist
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    One has nothing to due with the other!

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