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Has anyone flown with Easyjet? What are its rules on toothpaste in carry-on?

So I'm flying to the Mediterranean in less than a week, and I'm only allowed to take 1 bag with me (as a carry-on). I'm freaking out b/c I have literally NO space in my bag - what are Easyjet's rules on toothpaste? Is is a liquid or a gel? Is it neither? Do I need it in a separate container? Wtf?!

BQ: Any tips on packing with just one bag?!

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    Ive flown with EasyJet once, I was worried as I've heard lots of horror stories about them but we didn't have any problems at all, in fact, the flight I had with them was one of the best I've been on.

    I think your best bet would be to get one if those mini travel tubes of toothpaste and put it into one of the clear plastic bags meant for liquids in hand luggage. Or just get some when you're over there?

    The main thing to remember with easyjet is to stick to their rules. Read all the paperwork they have supplied you with, double check size and weight of your bag and then check again.

    Stick to their rules and you won't go wrong.

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    It doesn't matter what airline you are flying the following rule is in place globally.

    Any liquids gels and aerosols,

    -must be under 3.4oz (100ml)

    - all of them must be in a clear 1qt (20x20cm) ziplock bag

    - bag must close properly

    -bag must be shown upon request at the security checkpoint.

    BQ take versatile clothing that can be washed on your trip and re-used. Read up on easyjets size and weight restrictions for bags since oversized/overweight bags are very expensive. Try and see if your allowed what some airlines call a 'personal item' which can be anything from a pillow to a laptop bag (but generally speaking must fit under the seat infront of you) a tip I always do when I'm traveling with only one bag and I won't need my laptop I empty out my laptop bag and carry more items in there. Sometimes as a personal item small backpacks are allowed see if this is available since that can come in handy for more space.

    Source(s): 17 and have been on over 200 planes
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    Toothpaste is classed as a liquid. Even if it was classed as a gel, it would not make any difference. It still needs to be no more than 100ml in size, and fit into a 1litre plastic bag along with your other liquids, gels and aerosols. (it is the government, not Easyjet who makes those rules.)

    If you're not staying long, and pack only what you will need, you should be able to get it all into a carryon bag. If you're staying for a while it would probably be easier to pack a suitcase, even though there probably will be a charge for checking it in.

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    Carry on will not be enough to get you through a week, so stop the panic and pack another bag. Carry-on rules are the same for all airlines 3 oz or less, in a clear plastic bag.

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