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How safe is London underground?

Hi,Im a 18 year old westerner travelling to London on a weekday to get to Norwich,But i have to take The hammersmith & city line or circle line both Eastbound from London paddington

My mother is very concerned by my safety so i was wondering if people who take it every day or any other people from the west country that have done the same transit

Is there anything i should know,and what to be wary of,I panic about getting mugged or attacked in the street,Is it safe for me to do so? The transit is also during the hours of half 2 to half 3

So can you help me? :) please and thank you

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    Not sure why most answerers are citing pickpocketing, because it's not a big problem on the London Underground really. The atmosphere within the Underground is a nice reserved one that you'll probably get used to very quickly. You'll realise when you arrive at Paddington how safe the centre of London feels, whether you're travelling alone or with company.

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    The tube is very safe, the only issue you may have is being pickpocketed. That is different from being mugged as you don't even know about it, so you won't be traumatised by it, but you still won't have any stuff!! Make sure you keep your valuables hidden away, especially if your travelling at a busy time, you will be in crowds so not even feel someone dipping you. I don't know what sort of bag you have but across the body ones are good you can wear in under your coat, and have your money etc in and so be no danger of loosing the important stuff. Lots of people make the mistake of putting it in their rucksack, which is easy to open for others.

    Apart from that, the underground is very safe. There are lots of underground "attendants" even when its quiet, and there are always people using the tube. (Next week is half term so there will be lots of kids out and about with parents, and they us the tube just aftet rush hour etc). Also at busy stations like Paddington, and King Cross (?) they do have police, but that's just really for show. Its not because its common for people to be hurt, attacked or mugged on the tube.

    In that part of London, again it is very busy, and there are lots of people walking about, so it is highly unlikely you would be attacked simply walking along the street. Many many tourists/visitors make the transition to Paddington, so you'll just be one of the crowd. It sounds silly but London is very safe, you in a well populated "ordinary" area, not a rough one, and your not alone or there at the dead of night. Mothers do worry, but like you have said, many people make the journey every day, and you will be one of them.

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    The London Underground (tube) is very very very safe. If your mum is worried about that 1 terrorist attack then that was an isolated incident and incredibly unlikely to happen again. You are safer on the tube than in a car, on a bus or on a bike.

    As for muggings. I have never seen a mugging on the underground nor have I ever been mugged at all in London. I suppose I am sensible. Don't let others see your pin number at a cash machine, only carry enough cash for your night out, don't wear flashy jewels. Don't flaunt your big new camera round your neck. Don't walk down dark alleys, don't get too drunk, get home safely with a friend.

    Millions of people use the underground to commute every week without incident.

    If you are going out and about late at night then there are night buses but if you don't feel safe enough to do this (you really need to be confident to do this). Otherwise there are black cabs and mini cabs (booked in advance) to take you home. The tube stops running just after midnight and stars again around 5am in the morning.

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    Mothers are always concerned about safety. My mother lives in the West Country and worries despite the fact that I travel late at night on a regular basis by bus and tube in London and have had no trouble in the 20 years I have lived here. If you are passing through during the day, I would be surprised if you have any trouble at all apart from people getting in your way!

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    I have never been pick pocketed on the London Undergrounded. Now 62. Been travelling on it since I was 9. Obviously you keep bags and pockets closed or zipped up, but crime on the Underground is less common than in a Norwich shopping mall bearing in mind the millions who use the system

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    The London Underground is safe to ride. There is not much violent crime that occurs on the Underground, although you will need to be alert and aware of your surroundings--that is true everywhere. The main risk is getting your pocket picked. Don't carry anything valuable in your pockets.

    Source(s): Living in London for two years
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    convinced the London underground is secure round 8pm at nighttime as there's a lot of alternative human beings travelling on the prompt of nighttime. maximum tube stations are nicely lit, have recorded CCTV and also countless help factors ought to you want information. basically bare in thoughts that the most immediately ahead form of crime on the tube is %. pocketing so save a watch on all of your bags conserving them zipped up for all time and save you valuables which contains your handbag on your the front wallet or interior coat wallet to make it difficult for someone to %. pocket you. also plan your journey/go back journey out in strengthen and performance you value ticket waiting accessible truly of looking by your bag for it. i have also connected a link to the TFL website which has extra protection tips

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    It's not the safest place to be I'll say that and people pick pocket you on the train a lot ( had a 900 dollar iPhone taken from my pocket and about 200 dollars and 3 credit cards pick pocketed under there but during the days there's police and it's all good

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    Very safe. Watch out for pickpockets and you'll be fine.

    1430-1530 is a nice time to travel, you don't get drunks but you do get a seat.

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    Few issues during the day. Fairly well policed (although you won't see them)

    The only thing to be careful of is being pick-pocketed on the train

    Source(s): Visits London fairly often and used to work there
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