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What caused Cold War to end?

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    Actually, I would say the USA has not let the Cold War end, and is now in the midst of an identity crisis, because much of its ideological basis for the military/industrial/corporate complex has been

    removed. Gorbachev once said. 'We are about to do something very cruel to the USA; we are going to remove its enemy.

    I remember FOX News covering the US invasion of Iraq, and the weird FOX anchors started blabbering about the rumors of Iraqi troops being given 'night vision sniper scopes and other night vision equipment' by the 'Russians.' The FOX broadcasters were seeing 'Russian conspirators' everywhere...and the 'night vision' stuff was of course virtually nonexistant or something an Iraqi bought from a Wal-Mart years ago... It was really weird. All USA condemnation of Russia;s problems with Chechen Islamic Terrorist suddenly began to wimper out ie. Bush had once hailed the Chechens as freedom fighters and 'funded' them via the same clandestine channels of the Cold War.

    Condi Rice had given racist speeches against Russian barbarity in Chechnya and said Russia could not be considered a 1st world nation for another 400yrs<the number she gets from the years of slavery in the USA> Then suddenly the rhetoric wains as the USA in a matter of hours has killed more Iraqis clear across the world - and Russia is no longer the 'bully', Pesky little facts about Chechens fighting for Osama bin Laden are blatently obvious.

    The rhetoric from Washington DC becomes disturbing. Old US Cold Warriors like Rumsfeld and Cheney...speak of a NEVER ENDING WAR AGAINST TERROR TO REPLACE THE COLD WAR.

    Buried in the weirdness of that Orwellian speech is the 'need' for the old Cold War. One almost senses in characters like Rumsfeld and Cheney a fierce determination to keep the spirit of the Cold War alive and beating. The Cold War is the political pacemaker of Dick Cheney's heart.

    There's the 'New America/American Empire/ America 1st crowd from the Republican/Nationalist Bush/Reagan right that see the Cold War as not really over until the USA has encircled and isolated nations such as Russia. For them the invasion of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan replete with teethy

    US militart basis...would be truely nifty. Look at a map; the USA wants bases from Poland, Germany, the Middle East and stretching through Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan - all ringing around Russia.

    The Russians played a game with the USA; it avenged the old USA's bear trap in old Afghanistan with a little Eagle Trap of its own.

    Russia let itself appear weak. Russia's rhetoric of disapproval seemed to the US strategists as a cru of weakness. In their heads, now was the time to sweep into Iraq and Afghanistan and strengthen US alliances in the region. Gor them 9/11 was the very pretext/opportunity/crisis they vould use to get the ball rolling. They dove in hook line and sinker, and now they are as sick as catfish with a hook in iys stomach.

    The USA destabilized the region ie. Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Libya and Yemen are ablaze and destabilized. Pakistan is on the verge of being a US enemy. The invasion of Iraq was a failure, and

    the odd war in Afghanistan is lost. Meanwhile Iran is more dedicated to obtaining nukes than was the USA in 1945. North Korea has been frightened into a race also to expand its nukes in case of a US invasion.

    The USA experienced a severe economic downturn directly related to its mortgage crisis, but also due in part to it TRILLIONS OF $$$$$ mispent on a war economy that does not employ many US Americans in regard to industry, but does alleviate domestic unemployment by putting young poor men in uniform. If they 'come home' there will not be jobs waiting for them as was the case in WW2. In fact, it will harm the economy.

    . The most dynamic growing impressive economy in the world today - is China. The largest political party in the world is the Chinese Communist Party. The largest political organization in the world is the socialist international. Tony Blair has been a member. LOL.

    Gorbachev ended the Cold War. The USA is still trying to fight it. Many nations south of the US border are on the verge of a kind of socialist revolution or revival. The USA today however can only intervene as a raw imperial oppressive bully; there is no Cold War to blame it on...

    The USA is like an angry bull snorting and digging its hooves ready to charge the matador, but the matador no longer holds out a red cape. The matador holds a white cape for the red blood coursing in his very veins is what the red cape stood for anyway. Will the bull wake up accept too the color of his own blood too?

    Source(s): I like the legitimate old symbol of the red flag, which stood for the red blood of humanity cleansed and liberated from all forms of classism, racism; and sexism economic oppressio. It was the star of humanity... Too many 'goons' believe the end of the cold war means the end of those aforementioned dreams. The determination of those dreams to be made into reality is what caused Russia and China to make reforms. Americans I believe have confused those reforms for an attempt to emulate the USA. The USA needs to make an appointment with a good therapist.
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    The Soviet fiscal procedure was once unsustainable in the long run, however from the mid-60's there used to be no force to reform it (the Soviet political constitution ossified with the Brezhnev new release - all WWII veterans and "conservatives" within the context of the Soviet process) and it stagnated. Via the mid-eighty's, the method was once thoroughly broken, the Soviet empire in Europe was commencing to collapse (the individuals of jap Europe had no love for the Soviets), the financial system was within the dumps, and Gorbachev's makes an attempt at reform simply opened the door for the USA to collapse thoroughly. If someone person can also be credited with ending the cold warfare, I feel it's Leonid Brezhnev - he ossified the Soviet constitution and made inevitable its cave in (unlike the reforms that authorized China to stay slightly steady and dynamic).

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    Reagan and Thatcher defeated the Soviets by not giving in to them and appeasing them as their predecessors had done. The Soviets went broke and the Soviet Union fell apart. Until Reagan and Thatcher came along everyone else wanted to "play nice so the Soviets wouldn't get angry and launch missiles". In other words we were held hostage to whatever the Soviets wanted to do. Luckily for us it all ended before people like Clinton and Obama took over or else we would all now be learning to speak Russian.

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    Global Warming

    Source(s): BBC
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    Russian government switched from communism to democracy I think

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    ronald reagan!- he spent so much on weapons that the ussr, in their attempt to keep up-went broke and collapsed

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