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Books like Flowers in the Attic.?

I really loved Flowers in the Attic, the book. are there any other good books like it?

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    Flowers in the Attic is part of a series, so you may want to read the other books from the Dollanger series namely:

    # Petals on the Wind

    # If There Be Thorns

    # Seeds of Yesterday

    # Garden of Shadows

    But if you're looking for incestuous relationship, try Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma.

    If you want something with incest in it and a disturbing plot, try The Cement Garden by Ian Mcewan.

    Other books that are dark and have disturbing plots:

    Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

    Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

    These sites might also help you:

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    Well Flowers in the Attic is the first book in a series, so you could read the rest of those. And V.C. Andrews/ghost writer wrote TONS more books. If you want to know the rest of the series for FitA, just google "Dollanganger series". It's all about what happens when they get out of the attic.

    If you wanna stray away from the rest of the series/the author, I suggest Room by Emma Donoghue

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    Have you seen the movie?


    - Petals On The Wind

    - Seeds Of Yesterday

    - My Sweet Audrina

    - Firestarter

    - Carrie

    - A Child Called It

    - The Witching Hour

    - A Little Princess

    - Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    - The Hungry Moon

    - My Soul To Keep

    - The Sleeping Father

    - The Third Child

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    Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma.

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