math matrix with infinatly many solutions?

i have a matrix with infinatly many solutions. I have never solved this type before and I need a lot of help. it will end up to be a 6x12 matrix with the row reduced echlon form. but I only have 5 leading ones....please help here are the equations







i've put them into a rref matrix (to solve for the varibles that i need for the next step) with the form


What i need to do is figure out how to solve for the variables even though there are infinately many solutions...please help

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  • ted s
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    8 years ago
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    hmm....I found that there were 6 leading 1's..might have not entered correctly,


    in any case if you rref the matrix then , keeping track of which variable goes with

    each column you should be able to read off how the variable associated with the 1

    is written in terms of the " free " variables from the rref.....and you have [ 24300 ]

    in the 4th equation...did you want that ? = - 24300 instead of 0 ?

    otherwise in your 6 x 12 the last column is all zeros

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