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How much does it cost to set up a 55 gallon freshwater (Tropical) fish tank?

Just curious... And everything new, bought from a store and not from Craigslist or something.

Also NOT including fish...

I'd want gravel, a filter, lid

I'm really curious and also for a 55 gallon tank, do you need a bunch of equipment to filter it all? My Aunt has a 55g fish tank and below it, she has a bunch of cords and a giant thing that looks like... I don't know, a big motor looking thing, are those needed?

Another thing: where are good places to look for a 55 gallon fish tank in great condition and includes most everything you need? (Besides Craigslist)

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    it's ok that you are inexperienced, but a little research will answer a lot of your questions so you don't sound so silly.

    note: I'll answer other questions when you can say something more intelligent than "big motor looking thing".

    note: kits are usually put together with cheap crappy products. You will not do good by avoiding learning and researching for yourself.

    NOTE: 55 is an excellent size for a beginner. It's easier to keep a 55 healthy than a smaller tank.

    petco and petsmart are terrible places to try to learn how to take care of a fish tank. Try to find a REAL fish store in your area, and research online and here for answered questions about cycling a fish tank.

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    Before you even consider getting a tank, first go to a book store or library and get some beginner's aquarium keeping books. Most of the better ones will walk you through selecting your equipment, setting up and cycling your tank, and properly maintaining it. Knowledge is essential if you want to be successful at this, there is much you need to know.

    For a tropical tank, you NEED a heater, in addition to the filter, hood, and gravel. Your aunt probably has a canister filter. Not necessary, but the best type there is. A Hang-On-Back (HOB) filter is perfectly adequate, however. The "bunch of cords" go to the heater and lights.

    If you are determined to buy new, you could wait for Petco to have it's "dollar a gallon" tank sale. That way, you would only have to pay $55 for the tank. Be aware that they mark up everything that goes with it! You must have a stand. A filled 55 gallon, completely set up, will weigh around 500 pounds. Expect to spend several hundred dollars to get completely set up. Nobody can give you exact figures, it depends where you buy things from.

    I wouldn't be adverse to buying used, mine was actually given to me! It works and looks just fine. I see them all the time on a local classified ad site for as little as $100. I belong to local facebook yard sale sites, and just saw a beautiful stand for a 55 gallon, for $20! If I had a use for it, I'd be on that like white on rice.

    One last tip: do not seek advice from employees in places like Petsmart, Petco, etc. More often than not, they know less than you do about the subject. Try to locate a locally owned and operated fish specialty store in your area. That is where you will find employees who know what they're talking about. Good luck!

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    everything new your probably looking at roughly $500 give or take. you really should at least get the aquarium on craigslist used it is WAY cheaper and also can be cleaned properly and look new.

    stand can cost as little as $5 made out of cinder blocks.

    big motor thing- that is probably a cannister filter. not is not needed but a filtration system is needed.

    their are loads of ways to save money on something like this you need to do the research on your own.

    i got my 53gallon tank on craigslist used it looks new besides for the trimming which can be replaced anyways got it for only $67. stand i got for free since im using cinder blocks and we have some outside. i don't have a light yet but will buy one come christmas which is about $100 for this sized tank LED lights and substrate i use sand costed me about $40 i will need to buy another bag or 2 so another $40-80. plus new filters most likely costing around $60-100.

    anyways my total alone for all the appliances i am missing came out to $320 and this was on a sale plus free shipping if i bought in a store here it wuld be close to $400 or over. just on the appliances i need. this is the propper appliances too

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    if your a beginner, id recommend starting smaller, like a 30 gallon, but it would probably cost around, $150 at the least. to save a lot of money and to have an efficient filter, look on youtube for "DIY wet dry filter." its super easy and super efficient. go to petsmart, way more stuff than petco.

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