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How did Keith Richards achieve the guitar sound for Satisfaction?

The song Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, off of the album Out of our Heads. How does Keith Richards achieve the guitar sound on Satisfaction? Im talking about the main riff, it always sounded like a horn to me.

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    Keith Richard’s style of playing guitar is typically based in riffs and in tandem with another guitarist. His style is often played off the beat and in some of his most memorable songs he uses open tunings or with the 6th string on his guitar missing altogether.

    The fuzz sound that you may hear is due to the Gibson Maestro fuzzbox adding sustain to the sound of the guitar riff. Richards didn't actually think much of the track, thought it would be a B-Side at best and though they would be redoing the track later with a horn section playing the riff: "this was just a little sketch, because, to my mind, the fuzz tone was really there to denote what the horns would be doing." The other Rolling Stones, as well as manager Andrew Loog Oldham and sound engineer Dave Hassinger eventually outvoted Richards and the track was selected for release as a single

    Check out to see the different guitars that Keith has used.

    Richards heard his now-famous three-note run in a dream, woke to plant the riff on his tape recorder and mumble "I can't get no satisfaction," and then fell back asleep soundly. The band was initially worried that the hook was reminiscent of Martha and the Vandellas' "Dancing in the Street" but committed it to tape anyway at RCA Hollywood Studios the following week.

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    Keith Richards Guitar Rig

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    I think its a Gibson Les Paul or Epiphone Casino with a gibson fuzz box

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