Here is a set of writing-related questions I need help on. Can you help?

Okay, so first thing's first; if anybody here knows a publisher or traditional publishing agent directly, PLEASE help me by giving me some contact information and etcetera, etc.

Now, I require a title to something; how would YOU name the following story:

It's the year 2038, and a global alliance spawned from the UN's remnants called the AATD (Alliance Against the Darkness) is at war with an unknown species called the "dark bodies" for their hideous resemblance to human sillhouettes. One particular soldier in this war, Officer Jennifer Ketz of the elite AATD 20 squadron, is the daughter of a deceased AATD scientist named Emily Ketz. Later on, the conflict slowly elevates to reveal a hyper-occult terrorist syndicate known as the Medtchita and Jennifer discovers the origins of the dark bodies. Her own father, Richard Ketz, was a CIA agent who discovered a murky comet in Moscow, the "Dark Star", which overtook him and transformed his genetic structure. All the dark bodies were originally spawned from his asexual body. Several other major characters appear in the first-person perspective and each recount tales of loss and revenge.

So yes, I'd love to see how YOU would name it. It's an 81000 word novel I'm trying to publish :D By the way, I'm fourteen so how can I best protect my rights and how can I best get published without taking the terrible Vanity route?

Thank you for your time!

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  • 8 years ago
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    dark bodies you should keep it simple and its draws people in

  • Jan
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    8 years ago

    " The Dark Star"

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