are poor whites more privileged then the average wealthy or poor black?

what would be privilge? getting in the front of the soup line?


@Nerd Status-i highly doubt that

Update 2:

@Kees-im friggen american...i dont care about no other country

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@tyson-who are you?

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    Yes. Here are some ways that a poor white person is more privileged than a black person of any class:

    1. Schools will accept your application if you have a "white-sounding" name, come from a zipcode (neighborhood) where whites typically come from, etc.

    2. Landlords or homeowners who rent out or are selling their apartments or houses often refuse to sell it to black people. Many times they will lie and tell the black person that the apartment / house has already been sold. Other times they will say that someone has already promised to rent it or buy it, so it's too late. In New York City, the current governor who served as United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1997 to 2001 for Bill Clinton, and as the Attorney General of New York discovered that white landlords & homeowners were doing this and headed an investigation into this practice. And yes, the governor is a white man.

    3. Employers are more likely to hire white job hunters rather than black job hunters.

    4. Black people are more likely to receive harsher sentences than white people. For instance the penalty for cocaine users is lighter than the penalty for crack users even though it's the same drug. Cocaine is in powder form while crack is in rock form. And the police know that whites tend to use cocaine while blacks mainly use crack. So they say that you will be punished based on the amount of POUNDS of the drug that you're carrying.

    There's your privilege right there.

    The only time a wealthy black person can COMPETE with a poor white person is if they directly buy the people or institutions around and everyone is hiding their feelings in order to get a taste of that dough. If not, they will let their feelings be known. Danny Glover, a well known actor who was in New York City, said that he tried to call taxis that were driving past and all of them refused to stop because he was black. On the other hand, the whites nearby were able to easily get taxis within a few minutes. That's my point. If they KNOW the black person is wealthy, then they will treat them nice. If the wealth is out of sight or the person / institution (school) they meet doesn't know that they are rich, then the rich black person will be treated just like any other black person in the society. With disrespect.

    I agree with the woman who said that your skin tone is your privilege. They have random police checkpoints in my city. My dad was stopped along with several black drivers, while the white drivers were allowed through. When my dad caught up to one of the white drivers who got through, he asked my dad "Do you know why I got through?" My dad shook his head. The white guy said, "It's because of this," he pointed to his skin before driving off.

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    They will likely have an easier time getting a job than the poor black BUT the wealthy black is more privilidged than the poor white.

    Wealthy people (of all races) tend to have *NETWORKS/CONNECTIONS* and as the old and TRUE saying goes, "it's now what you know but who you know".

    I'm black and i come from a middle income/upper middle income background and ALL four of the jobs that I have held has been through somebody I know. 3/4 of them were higher quality jobs that paid notably higher than what most youth with no connections had access too. A lower-income person is less likely to have quality connections.

    ***I do believe that a poor white is more priviledged than a lower middle class black person though. I believe they have the same privilidge as a middle class black. A poor white person could easily marry a well-off white person and have more social mobility.

  • 7 years ago

    More privileged? No! Rich as in 500,000 and up. Thats a lot of things you are entitled too beside being poor and eating mcdonalds everyday. You are driving a nice car, hell you even might be rich enough to have one of those toilets that wash your backside (now thats whats up).

    the only place YOU MAY get away with something is in the courtroom. and a smaller judgement based crime and even then the rich person would be able to afford a lawyer, you may not. so in all no.

  • 3 years ago

    the in user-friendly terms draw back someone has of their lives is coming from a kinfolk with out or low-earnings, and regrettably, it truly is a position that majority of black human beings were stuck in for somewhat awhile. yet have heart, as many white human beings are literally being delivered all the way down to that factor to compete with "The Mexicans coming in the course of the border to take their jobs", and live in decrease high quality residing circumstances regularly to attempt to "strengthen" (it really is a fallacy particularly, in the journey that they could take a check out their lives). no, it truly is definitely attainable to upward thrust above undesirable monetary circumstances, even though it calls for giving up some thing that many human beings basically can not supply up: being a shopper. you observe, consumerism is for the middle and reduce-instructions, at the same time as the better classification takes all the money from those 2, a touch at a time, by utilising promoting them ineffective junk that basically takes up area of their position of position of abode. likewise, that's by way of folk who can not arise with the money for foodstuff, yet can arise with the money for the present <insert accurate charting musician's call right here> album, no challenge, that we've human beings on foodstuff stamps who nevertheless look undesirable. it truly is definitely a nasty decision to stay this kind, and absolutely everyone who says otherwise is doomed to stay out his existence in a trailer park, in a trailer they do no longer even personal... I even don't have any desire left for humanity, so i shall end right here.

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    A poor white still isn't followed around in stores and assumed to be a criminal or have a lower IQ because he's white.

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    7 years ago

    Your white skin is the privilege.

    It would be nice if your kind admitted you are spoiled and don't care what others go through. I'm smart I've done my research. I know what your kind does to my people and I catch fire when you people try to tell me its all in my head.

  • 7 years ago

    strip the rich black and put him besided the poor white and people will trust the white guy more cuz that's what mericúnts do.

  • 7 years ago

    depends on the circumstances. in terms of wealth no. not when compared to wealthy blacks. and even then thats only counting wealth "only"

  • 7 years ago

    Racism is about economics

  • 7 years ago

    From what i've seen, it's easier for them to get a job.

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