French Language School in France?

I am planning on going to France in the spring to study French. Have you ever been to a language school there? Which one? Would you recommend it? Why?

If you have been to a language school in some other country, what did you find especially good or not good? Small classes? Location? etc. Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    Try Sud-Ouest French Institute 64.

    They are in Biarritz/Anglet right next to the beach, shops and restaurants.

    I would recommend it because it is a small and modern school. They specialize in teaching French as a foreign language.

    Groups are very small (10 students max). Teachers and director know each student and are very professional and friendly.

    Location is perfect. Quality teaching. Great atmosphere!

    Bonne chance!

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  • 3 years ago

    Any well French language university in France? Bonjour! Does any person recognise a French language university in South-West France? I might love to upgrade my French abilities and be in a position to revel in well browsing. I am watching for a one month direction establishing from September tenth. Merci beaucoup to your solutions

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