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Translate Jamaican Patois to English.?

Need help translating these two passages from LKJ's "Mi Revalueshanary Fren"

di salt a di sea pan di san inna him eye

an him would gi it back

if him could cry

di soun a di surge a di sea

harmonize wid di swaying bamboo trees

an him brains jus a tick

all kine a tauts now inna it

now dat wi come out a di wan room dem

an time an fawchune been some a wi fren

now dat wi gat wi council flat

an wi dis an wi dat

wi collah tee vee an all di mad con

now dat wi gat wi mp and an wi black jp

wi sir an wi laad an wi mbe

a figat wi figat ar a it dat?

do we need anadah moses

fi tek wi craas di sea

an seh gwaan waak craas

oonu free oonu free

an is each an evrywan who haffi rise now

fi meet di dawnin af a diffrant age?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The salt of the sea on the sand in his eye

    and he would give it back

    if he could cry

    the sound of the surge of the sea

    harmonize with the swaying bamboo trees

    and his brain just a tick (thinking)

    all kind of thoughts now in it

    now that we come out of the one room

    and time and fortune has been some of us friend

    no that we have our council flat

    and we are this and we are that

    we color TV and all the mad con

    now that we got our Mp and our black JP

    We Sir and we Lord and we mbe(don't know this word)

    Did we forget or is it that

    do we need another Moses

    to take us across the sea

    and say go ahead walk across

    ya'll free ya'll free

    an is each and everyone have to rise now

    to meet the dawning of a different age.

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