Google play store vs Apple app store?

I am having a hard time deciding on whether i should buy the iPhone 4s/5 or Samsung GS3. Sometime this month I will go to check out how both of them look in person. My questions are: Which phone do you think would satisfy someone for two years or more? Would i be able to find video to mp3 apps in the app store that are free?

I've done a lot of research but i'm still undecided. I'm afraid that i won't like the simplicity of an iPhone.

(My last phone was an HTC Incredible)

Thank you for your help.

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  • 7 years ago
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    s3 is a pretty remarkable phone..the screen is very big so it wont go unnoticed in ur pocket.

    iPhone on the other hand is very nice but is receiving alot of hate lol becuz it went down frm peoples expectation..A very great advantage of s3 is its sensor and nfc..automatically sleeping , Volume on distance, bang mobiles to transfer etc..iPhone on the other hand is very very user friendly but lacks some extra fun features like this..

    considering ur question .. the iPhone has alot of apps even more than andriod..Again i found the AppStore much more user friendly then the play store but the play store was much more creative..

    Another disadvantage in iPhone is that ur downloaded media wont go in to ur library until its downloaded from itunes which is very disappointing ( u have to plug it in the computer just to downlado a song) and aswell as the Bluetooth connectivity which lacks connectivity to normal phones to transfer data...This is also an advantage as it has made iOS very secure..much more than the andriod in fighting against viruses and malfunctioning.

    Andriod offers alot of custimization which is not possible in iPhone without the aid of jailbreaking which also voids ur Warranty. The camera of iPhone 5 beats samsung galaxy s3's even though it is only 8mp..The iSight feature is simply remarkable.

    Ive compared both of the screens and i found some what iPhone led screen a little bit better even though s3 Amoled screen is quite the fighter.

    Its up to u..if u want a faster phone with little extra things to play around and alot bigger screen and more customizatioo then go with the s3.

    If u want a better camera , more apps a smaller phone , a good battery life and easy interface and if u dont want to use bluetooth much then go with the iPhone.

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  • 7 years ago

    I am a iPhone fan, but you should go with the GS3. Trust me on this one.

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  • Sam
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    7 years ago

    Here is a good video on the iphone 5 features if you haven't seen it:

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