is there any cultural and traditional difference between North and South Sudan?

i know that both Sudan have like over 100 tribes and people there speak a lot of languages..but overall how different are their culture and traditions?

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  • 8 years ago
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    South Sudan (officially called the Republic of Sudan) is mainly Christian and is an independent state.

    (North) Sudan is Islamic, Arab culture predominates and the country is run by a dictator.

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    8 years ago


    The biggest difference is probably religion. North Sudan is predominately Sunni Muslim while South Sudan is influenced more by Christianity and Animism (indigenous faith).

    North Sudan was Arabized and some of it's traditions are similar to that of the Middle-East (keep in mind again that Sudan has many different tribes and culture!). Most North Sudanese identify themselves as "Arabs" despite not being ethnically Arab. Islam also plays a big role in the identity of Sudan.

    Here is a perfect website that explains Sudan:

    I don't know much about South Sudan but like I said, it's influenced by Christianity and Animism.

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