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Vlookup on Excel from a partial data from a cell....?

Please help with my formula:


It pulls some of the correct data, but not all. I want to use cell A from Sheet1 to identify what cell B from Sheet2 should be pulled into cell B in Sheet1.


A B C - Should Be

1 PCWA1234-1 SCP - Work Authorization - Bridging Design SCP - Work Authorization - Pre-Construction

2 AEC12330-1 A/E & Consulting Services Agreement (AEC2) CORRECT

3 GC12240-2 SCP - Work Authorization - Bridging Design General Construction Contract



1 AEC A/E & Consulting Services Agreement (AEC2)

2 PCWA SCP - Work Authorization - Pre-Construction

3 GC General Construction Contract

How do I get it to pull the correct title for all of them?


Thanks for the information, but still having issues.

I sorted using TRUE and got some additional correct answers, but not all of them.

I changed TRUE to FALSE and get: #N/A as a response.

Any other thoughts?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago
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    When using the VLOOKUP function and specifying the TRUE parameter, the data table must be sorted in ascending order. It does not appear that your table is so sorted. This will result in the possibility of incorrect data returns.

    If you specify the FALSE parameter, your data table does not have to be sorted. Excel will search for an exact match only.

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