Rules and regulations about baking cookies in America?

Hi, What rules and regulations are there about baking cookies in America. I am in Seattle-King county.

I would like to make special cookies from home and sell them on the internet. Do i need a permit?

Any help would be helpful. thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    Check these links out.


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    By Jane Long on Jun 8th, 2012 | Livin' the Dream, Work


    The state of Washington Dept. of Agriculture


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  • 8 years ago

    If you actually wish to start a legal "food" business in the USA you will need a business license and certification from the Board of Health. Most US States will also require the Board of Health to periodically inspect the cooking facility and most home kitchens will not pass inspection. You will also need liability insurance, in case the cookies make someone ill. However, you could probably start some type of blog and take orders for the cookies and barring anyone getting sick, you probably won't get caught. You'd be far safer trying to sell the cookies through a market or restaurant or food shop or even to your neighbors than doing it on line.

  • RoyS
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    8 years ago

    You need to ask the food licensing authorities in your area. Contact your local Board of Health for information. Most jurisdictions require that food being sold to the public must be prepared in a BoH inspected and certified kitchen, not in a regular home kitchen.

  • norden
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    4 years ago

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