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Eating one pizza a day, or half a pizza, and nothing else, can get you fat ?

One pizza have like 800-850 calories. Women can eat 800-1000 calories, men 1200-2000 calories per day.

Excluding pizza with lots of cheese which it's a lot of fat.


I'm active, but it's a general question.

Update 2:

Just answer strictly to the question, this is just a curiosity. Thanks.

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    It depends on your daily calorie intake and how active you are. If you consume below your maintenance calorie then you will not gain weight. Since, you are active, you can still eat what you one as long as you consume not more than your maintenance calorie. Try google 'iifym bodybuilding' for more information.

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    1) Your wrong, the average female can eat 2000 calories and the average male can eat 2500 calories.

    2) Your needs for calories will depend upon certain factors, go on-line and find a bmr calculator to see how many calories you require.

    3) If the amount of calories you require is the same or more then the calories in the pizza, you wont gain weight

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    it depends how active you are

    you should only have a cheat day once a week maximum

    6 days a week. eat healthy

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