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I have a 2005 dodge Dakota and 4lo light is blinking what can I do?

Wheels lock when try to move

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    I assume the switch is positioned at "2WD" and the "4LO" light is flashing. When you say the "wheels lock" when you try to move, do you mean the front hubs are engaged or the wheels are actually sliding rather than rolling?

    If the "4LO" is flashing the transfer case is "trying to engage" the transfer case in LOW range and for whatever reason is unable too.

    I BELIEVE the engagement is solenoid controlled but I'M NOT SURE. You might be able to disconnect the power to the solenoid if so equipped and see what happens.

    Transfer cases will sometimes mechanically "jam" when changing to another range especially if the chain is stretched. If I were you I would grab a few friends or family members, start the truck, put the transmission shift selector in NEUTRAL and rotate the transfer case shift knob to 4LO slowly then back to 2WD slowly, pausing at 4HI for a second or two, if the light continues to blink, have the friends or family members rock the truck by hand forward and back MAKING SURE THE TRANSMISSION SHIFT SELECTOR IS IN NEUTRAL foot off the brake and the transfer case shift knob at the 2WD position, the rocking MAY release the jam if that is what has occurred. BE READY TO BRAKE if the truck should suddenly move one direction or the other freely.

    SAFETY MOST OF ALL, Good luck.

    Source(s): Fifty years of shadetree engineering, racing, and home auto repair, all Mopars mostly Dodges.
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