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I need help? Please!?

Okay so last night was homecoming and I ended up hating it. I loved it until it got towards the end. Everyone was grinding on each other including my best friend that isn't like that. Idk I felt like I wanted to grind on a guy but I just couldnt for some reason. So anyways, my friend is being a total slut right in front of my eyes and it made me look at her differently. Then she started grinding on this guy that my other friend likes so we looked at each other like um okay? Then she made out with him, and she has never kissed a guy. That made me so pissed off seeing my own best friend like that. It just ruined my night. I know she was "having fun" but she took it too far. And no, I'm not gonna be happy for her there is no reason to be. I really don't know if it is jealously that I didn't get any guys I just really have no confidence and the more I think about it the more I want to cry. And I can't even sleep because I have really bad anxiety. But I'm not even talking to my best friend and I feel like telling her off. And I really feel bad about wasting my grandma's money :( I regret it so much.

What should I do?....

Please do not say anything rude thank you.

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    8 years ago

    feel easy

    and be honest

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