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How can I obtain health insurance in ohio with free or very low premiums?

My husband worked as a foreman at a coal mine for years. We always had the Health Plan. It was the best insurance. The company paid for it. Back in January, 2009 he suffered a horrible back injury and even after numerous surgeries, he will never be able to work again. This past September we lost our insurance with the Health Plan. My husband is now on Medicare and my kids were eligible for Caresource through Medicare. I am the only one who is not eligible for any kind of insurance. I desperately need a doctor. I was in an auto accident on June 6, 2007 that left me with numerous injuries,internal bleeding, fractured neck, and more. I've had about 10 surgeries on my stomach to remove my spleen, gallbladder, and suffered a collapsed lung. I am supposed to be having xrays of my shoulder and ct scans on my stomach at least one or two per year. I just wanted to add that because some insurance companies wouldn't even consider taking me. Also filled out papers at my families physician so we can all go to the same dr. His sliding scale for our income will have me paying up to %60. I have no other options at this time.

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    In my state of MN, there is a high risk pool insurance, but the premiums are not free. I think it runs about $400, and could be more if you are in your 50's. So you can see if there is such an insurance pool in Ohio, and I think under Obamacare, there are some new state plans for people with preexisting conditions. Otherwise, there is only medicaid, and some states are much more generous than the Federal benefit. Others offer nothing to adults that isn't federally mandated. It is too bad your car insurance, or the other person's insurance, did not pay you enough money to cover you long term medical needs, as should have happened. Sounds like you got ripped off with that. If the high risk pool and medicaid options don't pan you, imo you will have to find a job that offers health insurance. I don't know if you have already seriously downsized. I'm disabled, and had to lower my standards a LOT. If you haven't already downgraded your house (move to a cheaper one) and sold off your new cars and gotten used cars that don't require collision insurance or payments, you should do that. Also, you should check out Linda Nee's disability blog. I assume your husband is on workman's comp or long term disability insurance under ERISA (almost all group disability insurance falls under ERISA unless he was a government worker), and there is stuff you need to know. Those private disability companies will kick him off under any pretext and cherry pick his records and kick him off if his doctor says something like "pt says he is feeling better today." NO KIDDING. Protect your family and read Ms. Nee's blog. Nancy Cavey has a free ERISA book you can get, also. Unless your husband was a professional with a very high income, you won't be able to find a lawyer to help you with an ERISA case. SSA is very good to disabled people and you will have no troubles there. They are not out to get you, llike private disability and workmans' comp.

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    If we could have been waiting to bypass a wellbeing care bill that blanketed the accepted public option that could have been dealt with. It grow to be Republicans and their company sponsors that stored out the accepted public option. If the administrative.can supply scientific wellbeing coverage at decrease rates then the coverage companies ought to come returned right down to stay aggressive. The wellbeing care bill proposed via Democrats might easily have decreased expenses. The bill that we've been given grow to be approved via coverage companies so i'm confident there'll be greater rates going up yet common expenses have nonetheless been happening.

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    Discuss with some insurance company official or insurance agent. You can even talk over phone.

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