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how paypal works, money transfers, card?

Hello, i am new to paypal just verified my bank card, but it shows - paypal balance 00.00 ? why? I also verified it with ebay so does it mean now, when I pay on ebay I can pay with paypal? and it will automatically take the money off my card? or how it works? Can somebody explain to me? :(


I did get my accound verified but now in settings I found that I should link my debit card, I linked my bank account not my debit card, and now I need to eneter 4 digis that will apear on statement, why?? Do i really have to do that?

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    It says your balance is 00.00 because you're using your card. You can take money from your card and change that balance, but you don't have to, and I don't add money to it either. When you purchase on eBay, it'll ask you to pay with PayPal. Then it'll link you over to PayPal straight from eBay. You'll have to login on PayPal and follow the 5 or so steps to verify and pay with your card.

    PayPal is safe because its like your bank. You are not handing over ANY numbers at all to eBay sellers. It's safely being paid through PayPal. It goes from your PayPal account, into theirs, where they can add it to their bank, or keep it in their PayPal balance.

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    PayPal is a fee provider, no longer a depository... you employ PayPal to facilitate using a credit card to purchase some thing, like off Ebay. you do no longer use funds advances off a credit card to place funds interior the account. once you purchase some thing, in case you do not have the money in PayPal, it asks whether you desire to do a financial corporation x-fer, or use a registered credit card. it is how the cardboard is used.. You get funds on your account by skill of promotion some thing and getting paid for it by skill of PayPal...

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