World of Warcraft ground mount camera glitch, how to fix it?

Hi, I get this weird camera glitch, when Im mounted (on ground mount only) the camera goes very high over my head, so I cant see my hawkstriders legs and all I can see is my torso and head. But sometimes after a few dismounts the camera seems to get back to normal, but after I dismount and mount again it still goes up. Btw I havent changed any of the settings, I didnt touch that. Already cleared the Cache forlder, didnt help. I dont know how that happened cuz It used to be fine, this camera glitch just appeared one day. Any suggestions are appreciated.

This is how my camera always been:

And this is how it is now:


Yeah it actually happens with all the ground mounts, not just with hawkstrider.

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  • Ozoran
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    8 years ago
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    Same for all mounts or just that one/that kind? Tried a mount it doesn't do it with then remount hawkstrider and see if there is any difference?

    Wish I could offer a suggestion other than saying that it will likely work itself out at some point. There's ways of resetting camera zoom, but I haven't personally come across any ways of resetting the height. Which kinda sucks since the camera just seems a bit wonky by nature. I've had the weirdly high camera angles before and once in a while, unmounted, my camera will fall low to about butt height... >.> Normally clears up after a bit though or with a relog.

  • 4 years ago

    Wow Ground Mounts

  • sharia
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    4 years ago

    snowfall has introduced that the traditional Mount point requirement would be decreased to point 30 to help gamers point quicker and get to situations quicker (which includes Scarlet Mon. for Alliance) The Epic land mount will stay comparable to same for Flying mount's all of this would be interior the subsequent patch.

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