Getting a pedicure for the first time today?

I'm a 13 year old girl, and I have no idea what to expect. It's a full professional one. what are they like?

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    They're nice! You pick out your color and then they normally sit you down in a massage chair and have you put your feet in hot bubbly water. They make you sit there a while and soak and you can tell them if it's too hot or too cold. Bring along a magazine or book for the weight. Finally they will come back and take your feet out of the water (maybe one at a time) and dry them off, lotion, massage, and scrub your legs and feet, then at my place they wrap your legs in hot towels. Then they normally put cold cuticle cream on your toenails and push up on them which might hurt a tad bit. They normally buff your feet and get the dead skin off. Then they clip, file, and buff/shine your nails. Then they start applying the nail polish. They might have to do two coats depending on the color. Then they do a top coat and apply a decoration or design if you want to pay extra for one. (it might not cost extra at your salon) I had my first pedicure at 13 and my best advice is to stay still. If might tickle a lot and you might feel the urge to giggle and kick, but that can be frustrating for the nail artist so try to remain calm and just enjoy it.

  • It will be good, except the one part where they scrub your feet IT TICKLES SO MUCH! :) have fun

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