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My mum has braided my hair and it looks horrible!?

My mum said my hair needed to be braided and so she did it half an hour ago. When I looked in the mirror I look like a boy and I hate the way it looks and she's braided my fringe back. I don't want to tell her though and I have school on Monday. What should I do?!


I don't want to seem ungrateful :(

Update 2:

Btw I have afro hair so she used hair pieces it would take me at least an hour to take them out -_-

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  • Ene H
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    8 years ago
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    Take it out & braid it a different way. My sister had bangs & she used to do two big cornrows behind them, put the ends in a bun, & then flat iron the bangs with a bend in the end. It was like mad cute, you should do something like that.

  • 8 years ago

    Just take it out on your way to school, or as soon as you get to school, and tell her you got it caught on something and it pulled out itself

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