My boyfriend is blowing me off!?

Ok so my bf has been blowing me off....for the past month. He texts me everyday and gets me all excited for Saturday and we make the plans a week in advance and I ask him are we up for tomorrow for sure and he says of course and then he tells me he has to go into work. I've been ok with that becaus u know work, but this weekend he told me that if they call him in he won't go because he stops working there Tuesday, and Saturday at six in the morning he tells me he has to go into work. It's happened for that past 5 or more times. I'm getting tired of it. He did it on my birthday and it got to point where I cried, and I never cry. What should I do. It'll him how it makes me feel and he says sorry but keeps doing it. Idk if I can deal with it anymore.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    From why observe, your boyfriend has trouble going out with you and he makes up excuses to not go. You gave him many chances give him one more, and tell him how you feel. This never is fun to tell but you should tell him that he hasn't any excuse not even work, if he needs to work on Saturdays then go on Sunday, don't wait a week for him to make up his mind. Also if he really wants to go out with you, he should do everything he can so that eventually he is able to go. If he's not putting any effort in your relationship he's not worth such a wonderful person like you.

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