Help me with my career path!!?

I'm studying in the 10 grade (British curriculum, for IGCSE) and I have picked biology as my subject, however I'm not interested in any biological fields and my parents want me to be a doctor, and I like crime, want to be a detective or lawyer or something, what should I do??

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  • Tazz
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    8 years ago
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    If you want to be apart of crime scene investigation, then you should opt for Forensi Science course from Sagar university.You will get placements in top level intelligence agencies of country.But then you will have to study Bio,Chemistry etc.

    If you want to be a lawyer,You have to do LLB after graduation and prepare for Judicial services exam(real tough-forget CAT or any other exam).

    Relax and give yourself time to decide wisely.

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