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Dream help? This is important!?

This is my dream... I'm in this park (a waterpark) and I start seeing my family, like my uncle, aunt, a few cousins playing putt putt or something near the entrance (the golf balls were multicolored) and my dad looks at me and says "go change" so when I get to the changing room I start running up and down these spiral stairs (I couldn't see the steps but obviously we could run up then as if they had steps) and at last I stop at the bottom and start chatting with my little cousin about my uncles (his father) death as if this was his resting place and when I finish talking to him I see more family members coming down the steps to see me and right before I wake up I see me about to walk up the steps... What does this mean? It feels like it is important but I don't know why... Sorry for the long read but thanks though ^^

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  • 8 years ago

    Dreams are just dreams 😃

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