How do you force yourself to stick to a routine?

I am an ESL teacher, and I am very busy. I work six days a week. It seems that there are not enough hours in the day, but there really are. I have time to prepare for classes, run errands, and work on personal pursuits.

I want to write poems. I have tried writing, but I never follow through. I'll get an idea and write it down, but it never flowers into a poem. I have many ideas and many lines but no poem. I just feel that I should maybe spend more hours at a time working on one poem.

I thought of an idea to get me to work for longer on my poems. I am rather thorough when it comes to preparing for a class, so I thought I could combine writing poetry with preparing for my classes. In that way, I would be thorough with a poem and actually finish it. But when I actually try to do this, I find myself, in the interest of getting the boring class preparation over with, just focusing on the class preparation.

I need a way to force myself to do the two activities together. I thought of taking baby steps and doing this combination of poetry and class preparation for just a little bit each day, maybe five minutes, and gradually do it for longer and longer.

Any ideas?

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