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What kind of toys do hamster play with?

I have a russian hamster, I want to know what toys hamsters play with, and also what food i should feed him.

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    I have never had a russian hamster before. I have Teddy bear hamsters and they love Chew sticks or Sometimes bird toys too. To climb and swing on I make sure the bird toys are not harmful to them in any way. Just make sure the toys are not plastic. edible Salt licks and fruit treats are best as far as treats go. As main food I suggest a regular hamster food blend.About $9 From walmart... you can find blends at a lot of stores.Get your hamster a ball too they love to run around and explore! Hope I helped

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    Go on the R.S.P.C.A website and look for the hamster care leaflet :)

    but i can give you my own knowledge too :)

    The best cage to get would be a glass cage to prevent any escapes as dwarf hamsters can fit into tiny spaces. Definatley get him a wheel and a ball, as they love running because in the wild they spend many hours running around and foraging for food. Also get him a house to sleep in, you can use toilet roll tubes, buy tunnels from the pet shop. Go to your pet shop and invest in some toys there and ask the shop keeper to help you :).

    They make hamster foods in pet shops, just pop to your local shop and ask them to show you were it is. You can also feed them small pieces of carrots and courgette, very nutritious and tasty and small pieces of apple. When feed your hamster scatter the food around the cage to encourage foraging behaviour.

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    they like small balls to jump and roll it around

    how about putting a stripped stick for it to chew and jump on?

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