How do you kiss someone?

Like how does it start. I haven't had my first kiss so I wouldn't know :(

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  • 8 years ago
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    I've had my first kiss fairly recently. I had been dating my bf for 7mo. (nthr of us had our first kisses even tho we are both 14)

    Anyway, we were standing at the bike racks after school and he was about to go home. We talked for a bit and my other friends were staring, we were taking about how wiped it was for them to stare. LOL.

    Then he said he had to go. So he pulled me into a hug (like he always does) and then said. Give me a kiss and I just leaned in and kissed him.

    afterward he said he loved me. And I said I love him too.

    Then as I was walking away I was wanting to kiss him again. So I turned around and walked back up to him and pulled him into another kiss.

    You slightly part your lips and lean I'm and just kiss. Its not hard and so worth it.

    Breathe lightly out of your nose do you don't pass out. But don't breathe heavy on your first kiss... from what I hear... Its a turn off

    Good luck. Its so worth it and you will love it.

  • 8 years ago

    Well it's hard to explain so I will do my best

    If it's with the right person and it's the first kiss it should feel warm an dreamily and you don't want stop this helps if the male holds your head gently that's how I had mine but it always depends on you and them so just go with the flow

    If you have not kissed before the starting can be difficult so these are some different ways

    -just go somewhere private and kiss briefly and say do u feel the same way ( make sure u don't give the illusion that u want to get to far as in bed)

    -say something from a love book or story that he/she has seen before they kiss

    If u have already kissed Just say I love u and kiss

    Or can I have a kiss if you are in a deep relationship

    Source(s): Personal Experince
  • 8 years ago

    before kissing make sure you're not in a situation where people are going to interrupt you. make sure your breath is nice and your lips are soft. if you have cold sores, hold off for a few weeks. don't wait for the other person to make the first move. if you're on a date and the signs are good, flirt with the other person and ask them for a kiss or just go ahead and give the person a kiss if you've been flirting. no worries if it doesn't go too well or they reject you, there's always other opportunities with other people. start off with a sweet kiss on the lips and don't open your mouth too much. you might tilt your head to the side a bit, everyone does. don't attempt french kissing the first time. biting, drooling and teeth-knocking are normal if it's the first time for both of you. it doesn't have to be perfect like a movie.

  • 8 years ago

    you have to feel love and bring feelings in your body and mind. you have to feel free when you going to kiss.

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