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Movies like Chernobyl Diaries?

What other movies are like Chernobyl Diaries or movies that involve Chernobyl?

Also, any good post-apocalyptic movie recommendations would be good.

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    Not many other movies involved Chernobyl, but the hills have eyes and the Wrong Turn films are pretty similar as both about mutated people in remote environments :)

    and try 28 days later and its sequel 28 weeks later for Post apocolyptic films - you'll like these :D

    Read my chernobyl diaries review here :)


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    Post-apocalyptic films:

    - The Road

    - Book of Eli (as somebody said above)

    - Delicatessen (French film)

    - The City of Lost Children (also French)

    - Stake Land

    - Repo Men

    - Seeking A Friend for the End of the World (comedy starring Steve Carrell, different tone to the rest)

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    the book of eli, a boy and his dog (thats the film that the fallout games was inspired by), city of ember

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    i would recommend zombieland, but its a comedic apocalyptic movie

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