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How do I trick a stray cat into a cage?

I really wanted a cat,but my parents wouldn't let me buy 1. Me and my sister wanted a cat so bad!!! But there is lots of stray cat outside,most of the cat would likely follow me if I say''Miao'' to them and they ''Miao'' back to me. So I was just wondering,how do I catch a stray cat outside with a cages. I will get the cages later(a cat carrier),but the problem is,how do I trick a stray cat into the cat carrier/cages easily? I know they are smart. But how?! I REALLY WANT ONE SO BADLY T.T!!!!! Please help,thank you :D!

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    The cat probably belongs to someone so taking it would be stealing. Leave it alone.

  • Claire
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    Er, first you need to ask yourself how your parents are going to feel about you coming home with an aggressive feral cat who will need fleaing and worming and vaccinating, won't be litter trained and might have all sorts of health problems that will need treating, including being pregnant? If its the money they object to spending, a stray is likely to cost just as much if not more than a kitten from a pet shop or breeder buying a cat isn't the problem, its the money you have to spend looking after it. If its the cat they object to, its only going to lead to arguments if you disobey them and just bring one home.

    Don't get me wrong, I think that adopting a stray is a great thing to do - one of mine was a stray and he's the nicest cat in the world now. However, it took me a long time to gain his trust and he chose to move in with me, rather than me forcing him into it. If you are set on this course of action, good for you, but start by providing food and respecting the cat's space, be slow-moving and gentle, try to progress to stroking and get the cat to trust you - then you can bring it in. But please square it with your family first.

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    I get my cat into his carrier by either, putting food in the back of the carrier, tapping my fingers on the back of the cage, he/she may go in to investigate, I toy that makes noise in the back of the carrier might work too. But i'd say the easiest way is to just put food in the back of the carrier and let the cat go in on his own, PS My cat cannot resist tuna, He'll go anywhere if there's tuna LOL

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    Lots of people let their Cats outside at night that are already trained and fixed. Just take one of them as your new pet and keep it indoors. Don't feel bad , the owners should know better before letting their part-time pets roam free : ) Good luck!

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  • 8 years ago

    Show the cat that there's food inside and I'm sure it'll go in for the food

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