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why did he do this is he still my mate or was it just a bad day?

im 18 my mate sam usually is very good to me he always looks out for me tells me the truth no matter how hurtful it is for my own good i had a party last weekend he helped organized it and prevented any troble and called me the next day to be sure i enjoyed it he also asked me to hit the club with him last friday night

tonight however i asked what he was doing for the night he aaid what i cant hear you i cant hear then immediately hung up i know hes going to a club tonight but why did he treat me like that my other mate thinks he was prob just not in the mood tonight to see me and maybe anotther time and he says in fairness we can all be nasty at times

btw we both got a prank call from our mate dean pretending to be a cop over trouble at a party we were all at i told my mom i had to go the cops because i fell for it completely my mom rang to see what the story was and if it was true but didnt use names but he thought at first i may have ratted but i told him what the real story was and he trusts melast weekend he got scared when he rang me i thought he may have sounded a bit teary and i MIGHT have accidentally said that to dean who is also sams mate and he wont spread it around will he get over that if i explain it was a misunderstanding and should i ask him if theres anything wrong betweeen us and say were mates and can sort it out my dad says that the prank will dye down but what should i do

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Maybe he was in the club and actually couldn't hear you. I think you're just overreacting. Most guys are pretty straightforward when they're angry so I'm sure he would've told you if he was upset. If it's really bothering you just ask him later.

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