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How to tell my parents I have a boyfriend?

Hi everyone! I hope you can help me here. I'm 15, and I already have a boyfriend since 3 months. However, I go to a rigorous tennis academy and my parents want me to focus on tennis and not on buys. However, my boyfriend is really good to me and supports me in all my matches and I really like him. he is also a tennis player. I'm really scared to tell my parents and I have been lying to them for 3 months already, them believing I'm not seeing anyone. The other problem is, he's 19 and already graduated and has a car. My parents will never approve of him, but I'm just so happy finally having a boyfriend who likes me for me and will support me and I don't want to let him go. Here is a picture of us, please tell me if he looks too old.

I really need your advice! What is the best way to tell my parents and how will they ever accept him if he is 4 years older? I really don't want to break up with him!

Thanks so much!

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    You're a young lady who deserves to be happy. Let them know that. You probably should have told them from the beginning. But now, sit them down at dinner, and tell them firmly that you have a boyfriend, and have had so fr 3 months now. Be firm, direct. Even if you get yelled at. They were once young and in love too.

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    First of all, I think the age gap could make the relationship harder on you down the road. But anyway, I think it's terribly sad you don't have parents you can talk to. That's how so many young girls end up the way they do. You should tell them. Having a boyfriend obviously hasn't impeded your ability in tennis if they still don't know.

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    Aw babes, I have the equal drawback on the second :( I'm sixteen and been with him for one million 12 months and a pair of months, however my dad sussed out and would possibly not quite speak approximately it. Tell them that your boyfriend won't interupt your college paintings. Your mum is perhaps completely happy - It's dads which can be the drawback. They nonetheless believe of you as their little princesses, and it would possibly not quit at that stage. Give it time. How lengthy have you ever been with him? Wait for approximately three months earlier than telling your mum and dad. Don't fear babes :) Take care x

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    4 years is not a big deal if you was 18 and he 22, But is a huge deal is you are 15, they will not accept him but might break his neck, you know you shouldn't be with him or you wouldn't be lying to you parent who love you and want the best for you, so now you are a lair and will be lying about where you are at and what you are doing. end it the bottom line

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    First you should be honest to yourself and people around you in life.lying is not the best way to start any relation.before I go on ,you should know something,that is my english is not good.but I'll try my best.In your age it is easy for you to fall in only what they call puppy wont last my advice is better for you to focus on your family,tennis and your study than others.Don't worry everything that you expected will come to you when the time is right.

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    Just stet talkin to them bout smethin and bring up u hav a boyf

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    Just tell them flat out "I have a boyfriend"

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    Tell them you are pregnant and they will know

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    girl ur in trouble

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