Which Inventory Software should I use?

Our business is an off price retailer with a very wide range of merchandise from clothing to home. We already have LS Retail NAV that handles stock control, purchase order and everything else. So I am not looking for a very sophisticated inventory tracking system. Since most of our merchandise are hanged for easy replenishment. All other merchandise are stored in boxes. What I need is a simple program that can keep track of the inventory within the boxes, where each box not containing necessarily the same product but most probably the same product group.

Our merchandise are categorized by divisions, the item category and the product group, and then differentiated by season and size when applicable. What we currently do is scan all items within a box, and the data is stored as a text file with the box number. And then the box information is stored in an excel sheet. The methods have proved really messy and we've never been able to know how much we still have from what product group and where.

I think an Access database will solve my problem, but I thought I would check if there's a base program or software that I could use instead of building a database from scratch.

Thank you

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    The problem with boxed software is that it covers way to much ground, which can over-complicate things. It can also be very expensive. A simple targeted database-driven solution is a better way to go. I put together solutions like this all the time for small business. I can take your text file and convert it to data you can easily read, organize, and update. So many people I've worked with have told me that my software was more affordable than what they could find off the shelf and it's more simplified. I hope I can help.


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