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Is Tamama a boy or girl (Keroro Gunso)?

I've been watching Keroro Gunso a long time ago... I used to watch it translated to my language and Tamama was a girl. In the English and Japanese version, Tamama was a boy... WHY?! I'm confused. Is Tamama a boy or a girl? If he/she is a boy, then is he gay? Because I can see he has some sort of "crush" on Keroro.

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    Tamama was always a male; though the manga and anime like to keep his character "ambiguous" in that sense. And yes, Tamama has strong feelings and affection for his Sergeant, though that's only really used for comic relief.

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    Tamama is a boy in my languange

    well, not exactly, that's only played for laughs, and he kinda like Keroro as a brother figure or someone great I he's jealous when Moa is nice to Keroro

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    In my opinion,it is a girl.

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