I need an idea for an under lying photo for an assignment.?

Okay, an idea for my history assignment, which I'm doing on Hermann Goering (the Nazi guy).

It's in PowerPoint and the back ground is a line of Jews being killed.

But the heading is 'recount of what he did as a criminal'

So I need a photo that brings it into perspective.


Yeah mate, did his early life, per 1920's, then went through the 20's up to when he was captured by the American 36th infantry division. Then did a seperate section on trail and death.

But thanks for the idea.

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    I suppose you could go with the plundered art. The reference shows some of it stacked in a church.

    I hope you'll have something about "what he did in WWI". Before he was a "Nazi guy" he was a genuine war hero. I think it is important to mention this, not to whitewash what he did as a Nazi, but to show that he, like most of the Nazis, was a painfully ordinary person. Not that you're doing this, of course, but it's very easy to paint the Nazis as pure evil, and then dismiss them as historical curiosities. But if you show that they were ordinary people who got their hands on far too much power than was good for them, then you can make a statement about "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty" which is still relevant today.

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